What's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?

Check out our undeniably delicious menu options

Don't burden yourself with cooking tonight. You're tired and need to relax. Let Big Swing Brewing Company serve you some loaded nachos and a refreshing craft beer. If the aroma of malty hops and full-bodied stouts doesn't get you excited, we'll mix up a craft cocktail that's sure to take the edge off.

When you visit our bar and grill for lunch or dinner, you'll have endless menu options to choose from. Picking just one item will be a challenge. You should bring all your friends with you so you can get a taste of whatever they order, too.

You can munch on some fried pickle chips or dive into our spinach stout artichoke dip. Whatever you order, you'll likely be wanting more. Visit Big Swing Brewing Company today to enjoy some local favorites.

Did someone say homemade chili?

If you think your mom's chili is award-winning, let her know she's got some serious competition. At Big Swing Brewing Company, just about everything we whip up is otherworldly. Are you:

  • In the mood for something savory? Try a pulled pork sandwich or chorizo mac and cheese.
  • Craving something hearty? Our porter meatloaf or chicken parmesan always hits the spot.
  • Looking for something different? Bite into a fish po'boy or blackened grouper linguine.

From our sandwiches and burgers to our entrees and salads, every item on our menu is a flavorful masterpiece.

Drive over to Big Swing Brewing Company now to experience an explosion of flavor. Don't forget to save room for dessert! Our molten lava cake will have you drooling (we won't judge).